I’m Shawn!

I’m behind Creative Makery, and I live in the beautiful Northern part of Nevada also known as Cowboy Country with my most awesome husband, 3 children (well, 2 are adults and a teen that thinks she is too!), with three cats and our lab. Creative Makery reflects my creative design, food, all things crafting, family, entertaining plus creative stylish new and diy ideas for the home.

My absolute loves are crafting and food. I am the proud owner of hundreds of cookbooks, new and old alike (thanks, mom!), and I enjoy reading them, and then concocting newer twists to some of the recipes to create some fantastic mouth-watering recipes of my own. When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m in the craft room crafting up some fun projects or working in the garage on my latest diy refurbish. I can also be found making day trips (not kidding!) to the local craft store just down the road. Cricut, look what you created?!

You must be wondering where I get this energy from, well, I also have a serious love for coffee and it’s rare to see me without a cup in my hand (speaking of coffee, ya gotta try Bean Box!) Really great coffee!

On a final note, thank you…I mean really really thank you for visiting and sincerely hope you enjoy exploring every nook and cranny of Creative Makery! Thank you for supporting my small business!

P.S. Please check out the latest additions to Creative Makery – Glowforge Projects & Logos ! Enjoy.

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