Springtime SVGs are here!


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I have downloaded my file – where did it go?

Find the folder on your computer titled downloads. You will see the zipped file. Unzip the file and drag and drop it to the folder you would like to store it in.


I can’t unzip my file…Help!

Windows Users:

Pick one of the following options:

  • Once the folder is downloaded, open the zipped folder. Drag the folder inside from the zipped folder to a new sport on your computer.
  • To unzip all the contents of the zipped folder at once, press and hold (or right click) the folder, select extract all, and then follow the instructions on your screen.

Mac Users:

  • Once the folder is downloaded, double-click on it. Archive Utility should appear and automatically extract your files.


How do I open the SVG?

Option 1:

Right click on the downloaded, unzipped filed and select ‘open with’. Then select the program on your computer you would like to view the SVG file with. (Sometimes computers read SVGs as Internet Explorer files and when double clicked, will open in an internet window instead of the program we want)


Option 2:

Silhouette Studio:

Open Silhouette Studio and go to “File > Open

Locate the file you want to open.

Note: you can also import this file into your library (both options work)

After locating and selecting the file, it should open seamlessly into Silhouette Studio.
Still having trouble? Double check these things:

  • The type of file you are opening (there are 4 types of files included in your download: SVG, DFX, PNG, an EPS)
  • Which version of Studio do you have?


Please Note*** If you do not have Designer Edition, I highly recommend investing in it. SVG files are easer and cleaner to work with when cutting. The upgrade is a onetime expense and in addition to being able to use SVGs, you will have many more design capabilities!


Design Space:

Open Design Space and go to “File > New”. This will open a new design screen.

From the sidebar, click Upload Image.

On the new screen, go to “Upload > Browse” and locate the SVG file you want to open. Double click on it.

Click Save Image.

Click the file in the Upload Image window to select it. Your file will show a green check mark when correctly selected.

Click Insert Images and your SVG file should now be visible on your canvas.